Peaceful Children, Peaceful World

The Windmill Family invites you to join us for our many fantastic events!

Tuesday, March 20th
Thurday, April 12th 
Tuesday, April 24th
Tuesday, May 8th
Wednesday, May 23rd
Monday, June 4th 
HOURS: 9AM - 10:30AM; Tours are given at 30 minute intervals
Please call us to confirm that you will be attending our open house, we look forward to seeing you. :)

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Thursday, February 1st - Father's Day - Fathers please come and join us and your child at Windmill for a night of fun, learning and memories. 6pm - 7:30pm

Book FairPlease come in and purchase some books, and get your children to love reading and grow their IMAGINATION!!!
Monday, March 12th & Wednesday, March 14th from ~ 2:45pm - 4:25pm
Tuesday, March 13th & Thursday, March 15th from ~ 3:45 pm - 4:25pm & 6pm - 7:45pm

Wednesday, April 25th - Grandparents' Day -  Grandma and Grandpa please come and join us and your grandchild at Windmill for a day of fun, learning and memories. 9 am - 11 am

Thursday, May 8th - Mother's Day - Moms please come and join us and your child at Windmill for a night of fun, learning and memories. 6pm - 7:30pm

May - Elementary Musicals

May - Upper School's 6th grade yearlongs

May - Field Day!

May - Senior School's Performance!

Friday, June 8th - Song Festival/Graduation!